We do what we do best
We have strategically created an investment portfolio to develop empowering solutions that capitalize on the new-world knowledge-driven economy. We leverage our resources where we have deep-rooted sector experience, and where we can be most impactful. The vast majority of our investments are in Biotech, Software, Semiconductor and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
An ingenious eco-community
Foundational to our investment approach is the interconnected ecosystem we have created. It supports specialized and coveted needs within and across sectors. Our ecosystem goes way beyond that of the traditional investors that offer operational and administrative assistance. We have synthesized an eco-community that is ingenious, comprehensive and empowering. It garners idea-to-market success. The unique system links together portfolio companies for mutual growth. They leverage each other’s expertise, platforms, services and ideas. Our highly collaborative eco-community has led to the genesis of several new start-ups such as Suitefiles and Projectworks.